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This One’s Personal

20 Nov

I was contacted by Hoxworth Blood Center here in Cincinnati last week (@hoxworthUC).  Like thousands of others, I give blood.  This time, they called to ask if I would donate white blood cells. I had never had that experience, but they told me I was a ‘match’.  As it was a three hour procedure, I was a little hesitant.  They offered Sunday morning, so I agreed.  I grabbed my copy of “Real Time Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) and headed downtown.

This is not a ‘hey, how about me’ message.  This is about what I heard when I got to Hoxworth this morning, and how I felt.  When the procedure was nearly complete, I asked Rick and Julie (who had come in specifically for me),  about ‘being a match’.   Julie said, “We’ve had a run on white blood cells for Children’s Hospital.  The cancer treatments leave the children susceptable to all sorts of infections.  You were a match for one of those children.”  Then, while holding the bag that I had just filled, she said. “A child will have these cells by dinner time tonight.”

Think about it.  Take 3 hours and possibly save a child’s life?  Do it!