Is Your Head In The Cloud(s)?

6 Mar

It’s great to see some level-headed discussion on ‘THE CLOUD’.

Oleg Shilovitsky blogged today about “PLM Competition 2010s and Anti-cloud PLM rap?”.  On the one hand, his blog speaks of AutoDesk’s entry into the Cloud PLM space with AutoDesk PLM 360, and the market dynamics that could change if this product gets legs in the marketplace.

He balances that with comments from a blog by Peter Schroer, President and Founder of Aras Corporation, entitled “The Cloud Won’t Cure What Ails You”.  Here’s a direct quote from Peter’s blog:

The cloud is not a magic elixir. It’s not going to re-engineer your business, optimize your strategy or help you lose 10 lbs (unless you’re carrying a server).  All the cloud is going to do is move your data or apps from down the hall or down the street, to someplace else that you probably won’t ever put your finger on. That’s it folks.

Thank you, Peter.  As I stated in my last blog,  there is no easy answer, no free lunch.  If your process is broken, or you have no process, putting it ‘in the cloud’ is not going to solve anything.

First, understand your current process,

Second, design the ‘should-be’ process,

Third, choose a best-in-class tool that can easily automate this desired process and will grow with you as your business changes,

THEN, determine whether it belongs on the cloud or not.

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2 Responses to “Is Your Head In The Cloud(s)?”

  1. MarcL March 6, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Rick – Agree completely and Peter S expands on the ‘re-engineer, then automate’ practice asserting that processes don’t just change when PLM goes in, but all the time.

    He outlined this in more detail in a recent PLM alpha post “Every Company’s Processes are Complex, Different and Constantly Changing. (PERIOD)”
    what’s your take?


    • RealTimeRick March 6, 2012 at 9:44 pm #


      I agree. The business/technology model that Aras follows is very much in line with what we do here at CIMx in the paperless manufacturing (MES) space.


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